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Statement of India by Honble MoS(PMO) Shri V. Narayanasamy at the IAEA Ministerial Conference on Nuclear Security

IAEA Ministerial Conference on Nuclear Security

Statement of India

by Hon’ble Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office

Shri V. Narayanasamy

1 July 2013

Mr. Janos Martonyi, Foreign Minister of Hungary and President of IAEA Ministerial Conference on Nuclear Security

Mr. Yukiya Amano, Director General, IAEA

Distinguished Ministers

Ladies and Gentlemen

I would like to take this opportunity to commend the Director General for organizing the International Conference on Nuclear Security: Enhancing Global Efforts.

We have gathered here today to re-affirm our support for the Agency’s central role in strengthening global nuclear security.

India believes that the primary responsibility for ensuring nuclear security rests at the national level. National responsibility, however, must be accompanied by responsible behaviour by States and they should scrupulously abide by their international obligations. India has consistently supported IAEA’s role in facilitating national efforts to strengthen nuclear security and in fostering effective international cooperation.

Mr. President,

Prevention of nuclear or radiological terrorism is one of the pressing challenges facing the international community. Responsible national action and effective international cooperation are therefore required for strengthening nuclear security thus preventing terrorists and non state actors from gaining access to sensitive materials and technologies.

Mr. President

The universal adherence to the Convention on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Materials (CPPNM) and early entry into force of its 2005 Amendment would go a long way in strengthening global efforts in the area of nuclear security. India is party to the CPPNM and is amongst the countries which have ratified the 2005 amendment to the Convention. We encourage the Agency to continue its efforts to promote early entry into force of the amendment.

India is party to the International Convention for the Suppression of Acts of Nuclear Terrorism. India supports full implementation of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1540 and the United Nations Global Counter Terrorism Strategy. We have supported the extension of UN Security Council Resolution 1540 and the work of its Committee and hosted a 1540 Workshop in New Delhi last year to strengthen its implementation. India is also a party to Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism and contributed actively to the success of the Mexico City plenary earlier this year.

India has been supportive of the 2003 IAEA Code of Conduct on the Safety and Security of Radioactive Sources and has voluntarily adopted its provisions. We recognize the importance of the fifth revision of the recommendations for the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material and Nuclear Facilities as contained in INFCIRC/225.

Mr. President

Our Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh participated in the Washington and Seoul Security Summits held in 2010 and 2012. He has also accepted the invitation to participate in the 2014 summit to be hosted by The Netherlands. India has contributed actively to the Nuclear Security Summit process, including by hosting a Sherpa meeting in January 2012.

Mr. President,

India has been consistent in its support for the Agency’s activities in the area of nuclear security. India is a member of the IAEA’s Commission on Nuclear Safety Standards, DG’s Advisory Group on Nuclear Security and the Nuclear Security Guidance Committee. Indian experts have been fully involved in the preparation of the IAEA Nuclear Security Series documents. India has actively contributed to formulation of IAEA’s Nuclear Security Plans. India offered assistance through the IAEA for search and recovery of orphan radioactive sources in countries which were unable to effectively deal with them and had sought such assistance. We remain engaged with the Agency to extend our assistance when requested.

India is a participant in the IAEA’s Illicit Trafficking Database (ITDB) since its establishment in 1995. We encourage active participation of all member states in this network for wider dissemination of illicit trafficking and other unauthorized activities and events involving nuclear radioactive materials to the States.

India is in the process of establishing a Global Centre for Nuclear Energy Partnership near New Delhi, which will have a school for Nuclear Security Studies. The Centre will have state of the art training facilities for Indian and International participants and research by Indian and visiting International scientists. The Centre has already begun off campus activities by organizing workshops and training. We have also signed a practical arrangement between the Centre and the Agency to collaborate on wide range of areas of mutual interest.

At the Nuclear Security Summit held in Seoul in April last year, India reaffirmed its commitment to supporting IAEA activities in the area of nuclear security and announced a contribution of US $ 1 million to IAEA’s Nuclear Security Fund. In this regard, we have fulfilled our commitment and signed a collaboration arrangement with the IAEA to support its activities towards strengthening nuclear security.

Mr. President,

Maintaining effective nuclear security will require continuous national efforts facilitated by international cooperation undertaken on a voluntary basis by all States. The global nuclear security framework will become more effective on the basis of an inclusive approach building on synergies and cooperation fostered by the Agency. Strengthened nuclear security will positively contribute in enhancing contribution of nuclear energy for socio economic development.

We hope that the outcome of this Ministerial Conference will reinforce the mandate of the Agency to enable it to perform its central role in strengthening the global nuclear security architecture. We wish this Conference all success.

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