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For India, the European Union has been the largest trade partner in the world, big source of direct investment, a major contributor of developmental aid and an important source of technology for some time now.

Austria, a member of the European Union since 1995 is an important link for India in its relationship with Europe, especially with countries of central and Eastern Europe. The Indo-Austrian Joint Economic Commission (JEC) established in 1983 is active and on-going (13th session was organized in India on 11 September 2013) between the governmental Ministries and Chambers of Commerce and Industry of the two countries.

Some typical areas of Austrian Investments - Austrian companies/Joint-Ventures in India:

  • Tunnelling, Road tolling systems.
  • Railway track-maintenance machines, Production of turnouts and switches, Research for engine development and emission measuring.
  • Electromechanical equipment, Turbines, Production of industrial boilers, Production of printed circuit boards, Production of electronic chips.
  • Engineering services for the steel sector, Special alloy tools.
  • Automotive transmission, automotive engineering, production of automotive wires.
  • Production of wind generators, Waste-to-energy cogeneration, Trenchless relining of drainage systems and canals.
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